Curry Passion

raviIndian families see food as an integral part of their heritage. This is most apparent through parties, weddings, birthdays, which usually involves the family getting together – a major social event in it self – the night before or at a weekend to cook on a massive scale for family and important guests.

I have been in Peterborough, for more than 45 years and have been fortunate enough to have received from my mother and aunties (who have well over 50 years in Chapatti and Curry making experience) their passion and knowledge of food. They have taught me authentic recipes, which they in turn learnt from their mothers and aunties.

My family originates from Punjab in northern India, so most of my recipes are derived from that region. Punjabis are well known for their energy and passion and that is demonstrated in their enthusiasm.

These recipes have been adapted to fit in with our busy lifestyle so what you will find on the website will allow you to create and taste real Indian food as made within the home of typical modern Indian families.

Of course most people know by now that there is no such word as “Curry” in any Indian language, it is a British term used to describe an Indian dish containing spices, a term that has now made into English dictionaries as well as on to every possible restaurant menu.

I believe that once you have tasted a good home-made Indian curry, there will be no going back – you will be hooked. I have tried to ensure that all of the ingredients we use are readily available, and most people will have no problem in obtaining them from your local supermarket or Asian stores.

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